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What is V Groove Laminate Flooring

V Groove Laminate Flooring is a kind of laminate flooring and offers the same popular properties; a natural wood or stone finish, some coloured surface, at a fraction of the price of hard wood, stone or other more modern materials. The way that V Groove Laminate Flooring differs is in the way that it fits together and the way that the final surface area looks once complete in some areas.


A fundamental reason for the popularity of laminate flooring is because of how easy it is to put together, and V Groove Laminate Flooring fits together in the same way as other laminates but with a twist. This kind of laminate has a V groove feature at the edge of each board which are bevelled and colour matched to the top surface finish. This means that when any two boards are joined together, there is a V groove along the joint between the two boards. This gives an even more natural finish by enhancing the plank effect of a floor. Some V groove laminate flooring also has the same at the end for extra realism. There is a similar product for stone effect laminate flooring where there is a groove where tiles, flags or stones would meet, but this is more often called U groove laminate flooring.

A common concern when trying to decide whether to use V groove laminate floors in a home is keeping them clean. The groove usually isn’t coated with the same protective layer as the top is making it more vulnerable to staining, and the groove itself will gather additional dirt and dust. It isn’t as ‘wipe clean’ as other kinds of laminate, but then if the aim is to get a more natural look then some marking on the grooves will only enhance the ‘plank look’ for added realism. It would also depend on the room you are using it for; this might be a floor type less suitable for a kitchen but more so for a lounge or hallway.

If you want to discuss the merits of V Groove Laminate Flooring as well as your other laminate flooring options, give us a call for some experienced advice.  

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