What are the benefits of Laminate Flooring?

Coming in all shapes, sizes, textures and types, laminate flooring is the true master of flooring as you can have exactly what you want without the expense of having to fork out for true hardwood flooring.

The first benefit is that you can fit several rooms worth of laminate floors into a single car load. Enabling you to effectively do all your floor shopping in one go. They come in handy packets of around a metre squared meaning that a lot of them can fit in even the smallest car, leading to just the solitary trip to B&Q on a Sunday morning.

A second benefit, as mentioned earlier, is the versatility of the flooring. As laminate is a printed strip of vinyl over a wooden board, you can simulate pretty much every texture of hard wood flooring out there. It gets even better than that though, with the latest developments in laminate printing, you can now simulate a wide variety of stone patterns as well as wood. Another is that these advanced developments have also increased so much that textures can be printed on the surface to replicate not only the look of hardwood, but the feel of hardwood too.

Thirdly, as the wearing surface of the laminate flooring is generally smooth, this makes cleaning them very easy. First of all, a quick sweep will get rid of all surface materials such as dust and stray hairs. After that a simple mop and bucket job with nice, hot, soapy water will clean up any dirt that’s left stuck to your floors.

Finally, and probably one of the biggest advantages so far is the installation. No messing around with the ripping up of old floorboards to then install the new ones. Laminate flooring is like on big puzzle in the way that it all just clicks together. You simply have to slide the pieces together and you have your brand new laminate flooring.

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