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Getting a wood effect in your home for the best price

Wooden flooring was once seen as an old fashioned material and in the second part of the 20th century more modern materials such as vinyl and carpet became much more common place and popular. However, people are now returning more to more period materials such as wood and stone, but are finding them an expensive material in this day and age. If you are looking to get a wood effect in your home, but are finding that your budget just won’t stretch that far, there is an alternative, which is laminate flooring.

To get a wood effect at the best price laminate flooring is a great material. Laminate flooring usually looks like wood (although you can get some other effects such as stone) with a photographic layer under a clear protective one. The inner layer is usually made of some kind of melamine resin and fibre board which is joined together with a laminating process, hence the name. Because it is made up of cheaper materials and is artificially made it is much more affordable than solid wood would be. This means that you can get the effect that you want at the price that you can afford.

Despite being a wood effect at the best price laminate flooring is still quite durable, even if it isn’t as long lasting as solid wood. It is reinforced and treated to be long lasting, and can be easily cleaned. Whilst it won’t last as long as some solid woods would, it is affordable to replace and doesn’t involve as much specialised regular maintenance such as sanding and varnishing.

Another way that laminate flooring can save you money is in the installation of the flooring. Wooden flooring would need to be laid by a professional in order for it to be save and to look good. Laminate flooring is designed to be easy to put down, and as long as you are fit and able you can put down laminate flooring yourself; something you can’t do with either wood flooring or other materials such as carpet.

For a wood effect at the best price, call us for a competitive quote and to check out the selection of laminate flooring we have available.

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